This is a very simple way of making spaghetti jollof,my friends always want me to prepare this meal…if i don’t, who will lol


  1. Spaghetti  ———- ——————-   500g
  2. Cabbage   ——————————  150g
  3. Fresh tomatoes  ———————   150g
  4. Tomatoes paste ———————    200g
  5. Fresh pepper  ————————   30g
  6. Maggi    ——————————–   2 cubes
  7. Salt    ———————————–   20g
  8. Chili pepper ————————–    50g
  9. Crayfish  ——————————   100g
  10. Ginger   ——————————-   20g
  11. Garlic  ———————————   20g
    vegetable oil for frying


  1. Boil your spaghetti (till cooked)
    2. Chop finely your onions, fresh pepper,fresh tomatoes, and cabbage
    3. pour your vegetable oil into a pot
    4. Add ginger,garlic,and onions and stir
    5. Add your fresh pepper, fresh tomatoes, and tomatoes paste stir properly(add little water if thick)
    6. Add maggi,salt, chili pepper, and crayfish stir very well(add little water if thick)
    7. Add your cabbage and allow to cook
    8. Then pour in your boiled spaghetti and mix very well, on a low heat allow for 3 mins (ready to serve)