Okay let me not say that everybody loves sharwamah, but trust,me if you try this recipe you wont regret it, for the guys just know this every girl loves sharwamah… lol


  1. Beef   ———————————    300g
  2. Cabbage  —————————-    150g
  3. Carrot  ——————————–    50g
  4. Mayonnaise ————————-    300g
  5. ketchup   —————————–    100g
  6. Sugar  ——————————–    150g
  7. Green bell pepper —————–    50g
  8. Ginger  ——————————-    10g
  9. Garlic  ——————————–    10g
  10. Hot dog   —————————-     300
  11. Chili pepper  ————————    10g
  12. Fresh tomatoes  ——————-    2 balls
  13. Tortillas wrap ———————–    5 pcs


  1. Dice your beef and cook them very well.
  2. Sauce your beef with a pepper sauce and then dry them up
  3. Cut your cabbage, shred your carrot then mix together
  4. Mix your mayonnaise with the ketchup
  5. Add ginger,garlic,chili pepper, and sugar to your mayonnaise  (mix properly)
  6. Mix together your beef,cabbage and mayonnaise (mix very well)
  7. Put your mix on the tortillas wrap, add fresh tomatoes and hot dogs, then fold.
  8. Toast the sharwamah as soon as you finish folding (ready to serve)