This recipe is from Indonesia,and it’s called Chicken Soup, I bet there are a lot of chicken soup recipes, but trust me this is one simple and easy recipe for  Chicken Soup… make sure you try it and give us feedback through our whatsaApp number below



  1. Chicken fillet (cut into cubes)  ————————    1/2 kg 
  2. Carrots ( peel or the outside skin and slice) —–   2
  3. Potatoes  (cut into cubes) ——————————   2
  4.  Cabbage (cut into big cube)—————————   1/2
  5.  Sticks celery  (cut into 2 cm) ————————–    2
  6. Sticks spring onions – (cut into 2 cm) —————–   2
  7. Seasoning  —————————————————-    to taste 
  8. Sugar     ——————————————————–    to taste
  9. Pepper    ——————————————————–    to taste
  10. 1 ltr plain water

For ganish 

Fried red onions


  1.  Boil water, add chicken boil until cooked 
  2. Add carrots wait till 5 minutes and add potatoes.
  3.  After it cooked add celery, spring onions and cabbages. All the seasonings. Leave the garnish. 
  4. After the soup is cooking. Add fried onions

                                (WATCH VIDEO HERE)


To make soup more rich, can add nutmeg (half), 2 pcs clove and i tbsp butter after the soup cooked.

You can change chicken meat with cow meat.


To make the garnish 

Peel red onions. Wash it and slice the onions. Fried it till dry and crunchy. Can add a pinch of salt so the onion wont tasteless.

prepared by Chef Bumblezbi