Hi, welcome to Efizzyfoods.com. I am very happy you dropped by.

I am Uzoma Temple Nkemjika ,but friends call me UzzyEfizzy, I am the founder of Efizzyfoods.com.

which is a part of Nkemjika’s Republic. I have been working as a chef practically all my life,

I have worked in some Fast foods and Restaurants across Nigeria.

Efizzyfoods.com.Is a dream come true, teaching how to cook, expressing creativity

when it comes to cooking and food artistry has always been my dream.  So do CONTACT US for your events.

I am doing something different with Efizzyfoods.com. I simplify all means of cooking, why? because my mum’s style of cooking is time consuming  DAMN! Jollof rice could take up to 3 hours, Hello mama we are hungry ,can you please add a little speed.

But wait o! did I forget to mention that my mum is a GREAT COOK, she said  “Uzo, you are good in the kitchen please make sure you continue”, my mum is the best cook i have ever seen, trust me I still use her  recipes. MAY YOUR GENTLE SOUL REST IN PEACE LATE MRS JOY NKEMJIKA.

More is coming to Efizzyfoods.com. please do visit again, watch our videos, share, comment and subscribe to our Youtube channel .

     Thanks, and remember you are cooking with Efizzy

                QOUTE: Cooking is an ART and am the Artist